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I am a real enthusiast for good tea. The art of tea has somehow managed to remain almost completely hidden from the Western world. A good tea well drunk can take your palate to places you never knew existed, while complementing the energy and alertness of caffeine with the calm, uplifting effects of l-theanine. No biscuits required. Here's a few favourites of mine.

Tea Time

Wu Yi

Wu Yi oolongs are warming, golden, mineral.

Bei Dou: a cultivar cloned from the famous six Da Hong Pao trees. A favourite of mine for its complex and comforting aroma and taste.

Huang Guan Yin: this tea has incredible depth. The cultivar is an interesting cross over between a Tie Guan Yin and a Wu Yi rock oolong. Maple syrup.

Yellow Tea

Dan Cong

Dan Cong oolongs are refreshing, tangy, vibrant.

"Honey Orchid" Mi Lan Xiang: this is a stunning version of this tea. Like incense lit in the room of your mouth.

"Duck Shit" Ya Shi Xiang: I prefer this more astringent version of this type of tea than the cleaner, more standard versions. A unique tasting tea with a satisfying zest.

Yellow Tea
Tea Cups

Sheng Pu-erh

Sheng (raw) pu-erh are aged, pungent, generous.

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